1. Define the target audience. This will provide a better sense of how to maintain a website that will keep people coming back. Variables include age, income, education, location, experience with technology, and more.

2. Browse the competitors. Search http://webbyawards.com/ for winners in your category, like Health, Activism, Community, or Education.

3. Submit the website URL to directories and major search engines, like Google. In order to be picked up by the web crawlers, use Meta tag keywords in the HTML head tag. These key words should be directly related to your website’s focus area. Also, in the head tag, briefly describe the website’s purpose.

4. Regularly analyze traffic to your website. Find out who visits your website, when, and where visitors come from. This can help better target future advertising campaigns.

5. Exchange links: Invite like-minded organizations to provide a link to your website and put their link on your website.

6. Affiliate advertising:  advertise products on your website that might be of interest to the majority of visitors.

7. Keep your website current; post new information often. Send out a newsletter to keep members informed of the latest happenings in your organization.

8. Offer promotions like sweepstakes, contests, and volunteer vacations to generate and maintain interest.

9. Follow usability rules and use best practices. To learn more about web standards and usability, visit the W3C (http://www.w3.org/), a web standards making organization.

10. Manage the long-term marketing and promotion of your website.