Browsing all of Netted’s picks, I came up with a few tips for the people developing the landing page interface for the next greatest web product.

  1. Make the purpose clear right away, even if it is a five-word sentence
  2. Provide a visual demonstration of how to use the product ( a few images are preferred over a video). Within the first five seconds, the user should be able to take some kind of action that provides them with gratification
  3. Do not overload the user with information on the home page
  4. Avoid use of new, foreign terms
  5. Make the benefit and utility of the product apparent right away- offer a true purpose
  6. Don’t assume people know what the product is, use a flashy landing page, and then force them to register before learning anything else; on the other hand, get them involved right away with a quick sign up. If you send a reminder email later, they might loose interest.
  7. Cater to a niche market– offer something truly unique in a time when most things we want in the world come to us
  8. Don’t be obscure—Don’t mislead

Or, if your idea is really clever and unique, ignore all of this!