You have a great idea to bring your at-home business painting custom hermit crab shells to the web. How can you bring in the big bucks?

Let’s face it, a plan for a new website is not the same as a business plan; though, many people new to the web might have this notion.

Are you a business strategist or are you a programmer? Are you both, or are you neither?

The two are not one in the same:

  • Starting a new website
  • Starting a new business
Important to consider in each are the objectives for your project to start a web based business.

Drafting the right objective during the project planning stage is important to long-term success. There are different types of objectives. Often times, objectives are not realistic or appropriate.

Which is the right type of objective to use for your projects, whether a website, a new design, a game, or another type of product?

Types of objectives include:

  1. Learning
  2. Behavioral
  3. SMART
  4. Creative
  5. Organizational
  6. Marketing
  7. Technical