I feel it is important to think about the artwork and artists that have inspired and influenced you in your life.  For instance, when I was young I was obsessed with drawing Egyptian scenes, assembly lines and people building pyramids; soon, my fascination turned to aboriginal shapes and designs with lots of color and detail. In high school, I discovered oil pastels- I recall an art teacher saying one of my pieces looked like Chagall’s ‘I and the Village ‘.  I was preoccupied with doodling cubes in math class.  Later, I started traveling and became interested in the world of Georgia O’Keefe. I moved to Santa Fe, at peace in the spacious landscape, and visited places like Ghost Ranch and Bandelier National Monument.  After a move to Boulder, Colorado, my interests in aboriginal culture resurfaced when I was compelled to take up the didgeridoo.

Leonardo DaVinci’s work has presented a reoccurring theme in my creative world, off and on.

Andrew Warhol has been a favorite for a long time, more-so his approach and background, and I enjoyed the opportunity to see the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. I have also felt drawn to Monet’s Nympheas series and was fortunate to see them in person at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  More recently, I have become curious about artwork with dance related themes, like Matisse’s La Danse, Picasso’s La Ronde, and Peruzzi’s The Nine Muses Dancing With Apollo, and Oberon, Titania, and Puck with Fairies Dancing. I was surprised by the similarities of one of my pieces to Picasso’s La Ronde, before even having seen it.

I would love to see the Moai statues one day, and visit places like Wyeth’s islands in Maine.

After seeing the beautiful colors and architecture in NOLA, I’ve become more intrigued by Degas.

Other influential and inspiring artist’s: Lichtenstein, Cezanne, Miro, Renoir, and Kandinsky

In my personal work, I have been interested in more apocalyptical scenes in my art- in the composition, my use of muted colors, and scenes with feelings of remote starkness. For instance, this image that was a semifinalist in the photography category for the 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards and shown in the 2012 Altered States Show for the Poconos Arts Council. 

Inspiring color palettes from Master Painters

A rapid rendering of a landscape represents only one moment of its existence. I prefer, by insisting upon its essential character, to risk losing charm in order to gain greater stability. Matisse