When you are on the road and want to stay the night or park the RV, take some time to think to yourself, what does that free WiFI they advertise really mean?


Some options:

Limited Downloading/Use: “You can use the web, but not for downloading, like pictures or documents…”  OK…..? Try and you are cut off!

Limited Time Use: “You have one free hour on us…”

Tengo or another service:  It better be good! 

No Wifi: “But this is our WiFi..”

Bad WiFi: You probably will spend an hour trying to get your daily news fix 


Other places

Starbucks: The mood is nice, social, and beverages, but sometimes the connection is not the greatest

McDonalds: 24/7 great connection!

Panera Bread: Always delicious

Runners Up

Libraries: nice and quiet!

Rest Areas: the most convenient!


Winner: Verizon 4G  LTE- America’s Fastest 4G Network

I signed up for the FreedomPop BETA and am supposed to get my USB so I can access my free 500MB per month, but am not entirely convinced