Completing an Internet Marketing Certificate in 2015 has been an asset to my position as an instructor in Web Design and Interactive Media. Planning and developing online content is half the battle. The trick is making the content successful through strategies that generate conversion, using techniques like A/B testing and analytics.

Working in the digital realm, I sometimes feel like I am wrapping my head around an elephant. This article convinced me that maybe I am on the right track: Be A Better Designer By Eating An Elephant

The SXSW2015 Conference was extremely informative and beneficial for my work, particularly with the volunteer clubs I advise. I was able to see first-hand how the online volunteer impacts the real world, hearing from presenters sharing their experience and seeing results through advanced data visualization. I saw cutting edge technology being used to create opportunities delivered across a variety of platforms to meet unique challenges in the modern, connected world.


My 2015 updates

Feb. 2015. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. The Great Debate: Unlocking the Secrets of the Internship to share ideas and resources through the volunteering and Internship options. Panelist 
March 2015. Kaplan National Society of Collegiate ScholarsOnline Volunteering Presenter.
June 2015. ScholarConThe five-minute volunteer experience! Presenter.
October 2015. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Volunteering to Gain Experience. Presenter.

2014. The Animal Tracker App
2014. Better Health Designed for You (the content of this new website pulls from my dissertation study; my goal was to present the findings in a comprehensible manner through development of a user-friendly website)
2013. Volunteer Online App
2013. All About Crystals website
2012. Online Volunteering website
2011. Flash Game on the 2015 Millennium Development Goals
2006. Six-week course: Introduction to E-Volunteering
2006. Best Practices in ICT Flash Manual for NGOs


Mission Statement

to facilitate a community learning environment where every person can contribute in a positive way

to encourage critical thinking by means of a range of communication tools with the objective of supporting students as they enter the industry

Student work samples from classes I teach 

Nice feedback from my students

“Natalie Hruska is a great teacher and she sincerely cares about each of us. I’ve never had a teacher e-mail me back so quick and actually understand and help me with my concerns. This was a fantastic class.”

“….Live feedback was great,  I don’t get much feedback from any of my peers. You were one of my best instructors out of my 30+ classes”

“I came away with so much from this class that I will be able to use for future projects, both personal and professionally. Thank you.”

“In all this course was a great experience, and I have taken some very valuable info and processes from it. Thank you for viewing my responses, and thanks to Dr. Hruska for your guidance and patience.”

“Like I said before, the lectures were very informative and helpful as was the professor. She did a great job and was very understanding of students if they had a problem. She was always quick to respond to emails or questions to her. She never lagged getting the grades and feedback out either. I wish more professors were like this one!”

“I wanted to take the time to tell you that of all the classes I have taken, you were the instructor that made an impression. I feel that I grew so much in your class, it reminded me why I am going for web design and relit my passion. I cannot thank you enough, and I hope to be in your future classes.”


Student Appreciation May 2010